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hero_worshipers's Journal

HERO Worshipers: A Place for Hero Lovers
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Anybody , Moderated
A place for all who loved the book 'Hero', by Perry Moore.
Welcome to the very first fansite for Hero!
This is an open (but moderated, be nice!) community for all who read 'Hero' by Perry Moore, and can't get enough of it. Feel free to discuss, post fanfiction or fanart, or whatever else you think of!
Just a few quick, harmless rules. :)
1. Be nice. This is open for a reason, everyone is expected to respect everyone else.
2. Any posts that may contain spoilers (of any king, don't assume people have *finished* the book,) must be put under a cut and given proper warnings.
3. Any pieces of fanfiction/fanart should include the title, author, a rating, and any warnings you feel are necessary. Written works also must include a disclaimer, and a summary is always appreciated.
Have fun!